Seminars in 2017

As last year’s seminar series came to an end, it struck me with renewed force just how far short we as a Church are from what we’re meant to be. As society around us has slid further away from God, we seem to have slipped with it. We have also struggled to engage well with this changing society in a wise, loving yet truthful way.

There seems little doubt that our culture has been given over to ways of living and thinking that ignore God and His ways and has become increasingly darkened in its understanding. Often those of us who are Christians have not known what to do or say—and though we know the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are increasingly talking to people whose ears are closed. We need God’s wisdom, and His help.

The seminars for 2017 look at some of the big issues we face. We hope they will be constructive in helping us to be the people of God, and will enable us to grow in understanding so that we’ll persevere and know how to give a reason for the hope that we have.

Christians have always lived in a ‘dark world’, and we’ll finish this year’s series with a look at the Reformation and the lessons we can learn for today. This should remind us that what we face now has been faced by our brothers and sisters throughout the centuries. In the times and places of His choosing, God awakens people to Himself, and that’s something we pray for, hope for and look upwards to God to bring about.

These seminars are a regular feature of SGP but we also run other events and training days. You will see the most recent information about these on the events page.


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Monday 13 February—Understanding Islam and Engaging with Muslims
Monday 3 April—The Book of Revelation—‘Faithful to the end’
Monday 12 June—Transgender and the Gospel
Monday 25 September—Engaging with Popular Culture
Monday 13 November—The Reformation and the Church today

The problems of Acts 6 are the third type of testing situation that the early church faced, and it needed to be dealt with in a different way to the other types of problem. This is an organisational issue.

If we try and deal with an organisational issue in the same way as we deal with other problems then we will fail

Different sizes of church offer different challenges, They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Many of us know the problems of a small church, a medium sized church usually has few of those problems, but it can become safe and comfortable with it's size. Once a church grows above about 120, it becomes awkward special attention must be given in how the people are organised.

Some highlights of the Seminar
'The problems of a growing Church' with Ray Evans